Chumba Casino Review (And FREE Sweeps Cash to Play!)

Chumba Casino

Today’s article is a personal review of Chumba Casino, a legend in online gaming and one of the very few names to survive the UIGEA.

If you are not in the United States, chances are you don’t know what I am talking about.

That’s fine.

Chumba Casino is not a known name in the international gambling scene. Their main focus is on the US, since the particular business model they created to offer real-money online gambling to US players wouldn't work well in countries where gambling is not restricted.

If you are in the United States and you want to play some online games for real money this article is for you. Because Chumba Casino lets you do that in a 100 percent legal way.

So, let’s see how this casino site works.

What Is Chumba Casino?

As you might have guessed, Chumba is an online casino website where you can play real money gambling games with your own cash, or use gold coins to play for free.

According to what their Facebook page suggests, they count several millions active players every month and can perhaps be considered the most successful and popular real cash online casino for US players.

This casino is legal in the United States because it doesn’t offer real money gambling like most other sites. That’s why people refer to Chumba as a Social Casino.

Once on the site, players from Canada and the US can decide if to play with Gold Coins (the free in-game currency at Chumba Casino) or with Sweepstakes Cash.

That’s what makes Chumba special.

Although none of the options is real money, Sweeps cash can be exchanged for real cash - meaning you have the opportunity to play, win, and pocket the money exactly as you would do at a real online casino.

The official rate at Chumba Casino is: 100 Sweeps = $1.

How can this be legal?

Easy. Since you can’t purchase Sweeps Cash, your wagers do not qualify as real money gambling for the legislator.

You got it, gambling with Sweeps Cash is 100 percent legal in the US!

How to Get Sweeps Cash to Play at Chumba Casino?

Since the games with Gold Coins are free, I am going to concentrate on Sweeps Cash games in the rest of the article.

The easiest way to get free Sweeps Cash for Chumba Casino, is to visit this page.

They give a free $2 no deposit bonus to all the new players. You just need to open an account to get the free money and play games to win real cash.

As Chumba s Facebook page points out, this offer is pretty awesome. Not only you can use it to play real money Slots from the US, but you can also win real money with no deposit needed.

And don’t think $2 is nothing. Remember: Chumba Casino use Dollars, it uses Sweeps Cash - and $2 are 200 free Sweeps Cash to play casino games in 2018.

Is this a time-limited offer? I have no clue.

I looked for some info about it, but I haven’t found much. Anyways, since I know that good things always come to an end quicker than I expect, I cashed my $2 already. You never know.

If you want to get your free Sweeps Cash for Chumba Casino, check out this page right now.

Are Chumba’s Games Good?

Playing for real money is good but - how good are the Casino games at Chumba?

The answer is they are GOOD.

Not excellent, not mind-blowing, not out-of-this-world - but just good.

Why am I saying so?

First of all, Chumba Casino is all about online Slots.

If you want to play real money Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat - you need to look elsewhere.

Then, there could be more games.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the Slots at Chumba and I think this is the best social casino site you get as an US player - it’s just… It could be more!

Games like The Big Goreela, Golden Wish, Duskmoon Faire, and Garden Princess are super high-quality ones with lots of exciting features.

All the games are developed in-house but the Australia-based VGW Holdings, meaning you can’t find any of the Slots available at Chumba on any other casino website.

As of today, July 27, 2018, Chumba Casino features 36 different Slots. I know it doesn’t sound a lot compared to a lot of other casino sites but - remember: these games are legal in the US, the other ones are not!

How to Withdraw Money from Chumba Casino

Cashing winnings is very easy, especially as Chumba Casino supports popular e-wallet system like PayPal.

To withdraw cash from the platform you need to provide a proof of your identity. The minimum amount of money to withdraw is $100. If you decide to take the money through Chumba’s Facebook App, the minimum is of $400.

As Cumba Casino’s support service told me, all withdrawals are processed within five working days (tops) - meaning it won’t take long for you to move the money from Chumba’s account to your wallet.

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Otherwise, visit this page to get a $2 no deposit bonus and play!

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